Pulvermesssystem PD 600
Pulvermesssystem PD 600

The Powder Resistivity Measurement System contains a high precision pressure gauge for the measurement of conductive powders for maximum pressure of 20kN and is quickly attached to either the Loresta-GX or Hiresta-UX unit.

The successor model PD-600 is expected to go on sale from the beginning of 2022. The further developed powder measuring device has a newly developed automatic hydraulic pump. In addition, the PD-600 has an extended pressure range of 0.01 KN-20 kN. More information will follow shortly. The use of a suction pump results in easier powder filling of the measuring heads and improved reproducibility. The cleaning of the measuring heads has also been made easier thanks to the new design.

It allows easy measurement of resistivity and filling properties of powders under pressure. A wide range of conductive powders can be measured under different pressures using the high accuracy pressure sensor and the unique probe unit . Optimal for controlling properties of powders.

  • Fully automatic, just input the load value and press START
  • Newly developed cylinder vacuum-pump allows measuring from low load (0.01 kN)
  • Control and Monitor the Characteristic of Powders via Resistivity
  • Easy sample change and cleaning
  • 4-pin probe for precise measurement of low range resistivity
  • Ring probe for high range resistivity
  • Powder is pressed in a cylindrical shape for measuring


Research & Development, Quality Control, etc.

Powder materials of carbon products:

Materials used for rechargeable battery electrodes, condensers and resistance material and insulating electronics / cokes / graphite / carbon black / carbon fiber / nano carbon, etc.

Metal powder:

Materials used for battery electrodes, thin film materials such as copper powder or ITO powder, for circuit board materials, for example conductive paste and electro conductive paint.


Thermoplastic powder, Printer toner, Magnetic material such as ferrite, food material, pharmaceutical related and automobile parts.


Measuring Method Constant-current / -voltage methods
Measuring Units Low resistance ( 10-4-107 Ω) Loresta-GX

High resistance ( 103-1014 Ω) Hiresta-UX
Power supply AC 90 - 240V / 50 - 60Hz
Pressure Range 0.01kN - 20kN (ca. 60MPa)
Hydraulic Unit autmatic
Probe unit 20mm (Ø) x 40mm (L)
Probe types 4-pin electrode (inner-pin distance 3mm)

Ring electrode (Ø 20mm)
Main Unit 450mm x 340mm x 580mm (B x T x H) 42kg
Hydraulic Unit 570mm x 370mm x 320mm (B x T x H) 29kg
Necessary accessories Window PC with Excel
Leitfähigkeit vin RußSootLoresta-GX
Leitfähiger GraphitGrahpiteLoresta-GX
Titanium Oxide Titanium OxideLoresta-GX
Staub DustDustHiresta-UX
Thermoplast Compound Thermoplast CompoundLoresta-GX

The video shows the powder measurement with the PD-51 measuring device. The successor model PD-600 with an automatic hydraulic pump will be available from 2022. A suitable application video follows.