Pulver-Messgerät PD-600

The PD-600 powder measuring system is the further development of the PD-51. It enables the physical properties of powder to be determined via the specific resistance under a controlled pressure of up to 20kN.

The PD-600 consists of a pressure chamber with two special measuring heads, one for the low-resistivity and one for the high-resistivity measuring range, as well as a newly developed, automatic hydraulic unit. With this, measurements in the low-pressure range from 0.01kN are now also possible.

Also new is an automatic vacuum pump, which considerably simplifies both the filling of the powder into the measuring cylinder and the subsequent cleaning.

For the measurement, the powdery sample is pressed into the cylindrical shape of the measuring head under a pre-defined pressure.

The software automatically records the pressing force, bulk density (sample thickness in mm), and conductivity (Ω) of the sample in a table. After the measurement, the data can also be transported in a diagram that shows the electrical conductivity of the test sample as a function of the pressing pressure.

The powder measuring systems are used in research and development, in particular battery, pharmaceutical, and polymer research, as well as in production technology and quality control. The focus is, among other things, on powdery substances from carbon products, metallic and thermoplastic powders, as well as pigments and coatings.


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