The Resistivity Measuring Systems of Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech have been designed to ensure easy RCF calculation and thus resistivity is measured in a simple test procedure.



The 4-terminal probe of the Resistivity Measuring Systems eliminates lead-wire connector and contact resistance. More precise measuring of resistance is thus achieved.

The Hiresta-UX and the Loresta-GX are specialised in measuring the resistance, the surface resistivity (Ω/□) and volume resistivity (Ω.cm) of various substances and materials of all shapes and sizes in the high- and low-resistance measuring range.

The Powder Resistivity Measuring System contains a high precision pressure gauge for the measurement of conductive powders attached to either the Loresta-GX or Hiresta-UX unit.

We are the exclusive representativ of Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech in German speaking territories and offer the technical advice and support.

Each material has a unique resistivity value.