Handheld Messgerät Loresta AX von Mitsubishi

Loresta AX is a simplified resistivity meter and uses a fixed RCF. When measuring various shapes and measuring points of samples, it is recommended to use the high-grade type of resistivity meter Model Loresta GX.
The Loresta-AX has a wide measuring range from 10mΩ to 10MΩ. The 4-pin probe ensures quick and precise resistivity measurements. A LC Dispaly is for easy reading of data. Data saved can be transmitted via USB-memorystick. The probe enables one-touch direct reading of [Ω], [Ω/sq.] and [Ω∙cm].


R&D, Production Engineering, Quality Control


Conductive materials: Paint, paste, plastics, rubber, films, fiber, ceramics, metallic thin films, amorphous silicone, anti-static materials, EMI-shield materials, etc.
Plating thickness measurements of plated materials


Measuring method  4-pin probe, constant-current method
Measurement range [Ω] 10-2 10-1 100 101 102 103 104 105 106
Supplied voltage 100mA 10mA 1mA 100μA 10μA 1μA
Measuring accuracy ± 1.0% ± 20dgt. ± 1.0% ± 5dgt. ± 0.5% ± 5dgt. ± 0.5% ± 3dgt. ± 2.0% ± 5dgt.
Display LCD
Power supply AC 90-264V / 47-63Hz / Nickel-Hydrogen Battery
4-Pin probe types ASP, ESP, LSP, PSP, BSP, QPP, TFP
Data output USB-Memorystick
Dimensions 85mm x 228mm x 65mm (W x D x H)
Weight 420 g

 Standard accessories

  • ASP Messkopf RMH110
  • Stromkabel
  • Bedienungsanleitung

 Optional accessories


ApplicationStandardprobe non-uniform samples soft surfaces thin films,
glass substrate
& thin smaples
hard surfaces
Inter-pin distance5 mm 5 mm 5 mm 1.0 mm 1.5 mm 1.5 mm 2.2 mm 1.0 mm
Pin-head radius0.37 mm Pin Ø2 mm Pin Ø2 mm 0.15 mm 0.26 mm 0.26 mm 0.37 mm 0.04 mm
Spring pressure210 g/pin 240 g/pin 130 g/pin 50 g/pin 70 g/pin 70 g/pin 210 g/pin 250 g/pin
OrdercodeRMH110 RMH114 RMH116 RMJ217 RMH115 RMH112 RMH111 RMJ202
Probe CheckerRMH304RMH304RMH304RMH312 RMH311 RMH312