Real-time measuring device for semiconductors or non-conductors (insulators) and includes an extended measuring range of 103-1014Ω

Leitfähigkeitsmessgerät Hiresta UX
Leitfähigkeitsmessgerät Hiresta UX

The Hiresta UX is specialised in measuring the resistance, the surface and volume resistivity of various substances and materials of all shapes and sizes in the high-resistance measuring range.

  • Measures conductive materials and anti-static materials at the extensive measuring range of 103 – 1014Ω.
  • 29 steps of applied voltage with Auto Sweep Function enables measuring voltage dependence of resistance value.
  • With the new Built-in Switch Box, volume resistivity can be measured just by connecting a „Resitable“ (optional) to Hiresta UX.
  • Up to 2000 measurement results can be exported to USB memory stick.
  • A 7,5 “ TFT LC-Touch Display is for easy reading of data.
  • The probe is designed to read fast and accurately with one touch.
  • ASTM D257 compatible


R&D, Production Engineering, Quality Control
ASTM D257  / ISO 2951 / JIS K 6911  compatible


  • antistatic materials
  • flooring materials
  • foam materials
  • rubber materials
  • paper, packing materials
  • paints
  • fibers, clothes, fabrics
  • adhesives, greases
  • concrete, ceramics, porcelain
  • plastics, glass fiber reinforced plastics
  • films, foils
  • glass
  • etc.



Measuring methodConstant-voltage Apply/Leak-current
Range SwitchingAutomatic, Manual
Display7.5" TFT LC-Touch Display, 640 x 480 pixel, full colour
Power supplyAC 85-264V / 47-63Hz / 92VA
ComparatorMaximum and Minimum values can be set manually
Ring Probe TypesURS, UR, UR-SS, UR100, UA, J-Box X-Type
Data OutputUSB
Dimensions330mm x 270mm x 113mm (B x T x H) / 
Lid opened:: 330mm x 270mm x 215mm  (B x T x H) 
Weight2,4 kg
Standard accessoriesURS Probe RMH214 (Ring-Probe, d1: Ø 0.59cm, d2: Ø 1.1cm) 
Probe Checker RMH327 (500 MΩ), Portection gloves

Measurement Range and Trueness

1 ~ 10V10 3 ~ 109 [Ω]: ±2%      1010 [Ω]: ±3%
20 ~ 400V106 ~ 1010 [Ω]: ±2%     1011 [Ω]: ±3%
500 ~ 900V107 ~ 1010 [Ω]: ±2%     1011 [Ω]: ±3%      1012 [Ω]: ±4%
1000V108 ~ 1010 [Ω]: ±2%     1011 [Ω]: ±3%      1012 [Ω]: ±4%    1013 [Ω]: ±5%      1014[Ω]: ±12%

Delivery standard accessories

  • URS Probe RMH214
  • Probechecker RMH327 (500MΩ)
  • Protection Gloves RMJ803
  • Transportbag
  • Manual

Optional Accessories

The Hiresta-UX can be supplemented with the following accessories:


Messköpfe Ringelektroden

Messkopf d2 (cm)d1 (cm)Application
( RMH215 )
0.6 0.3 small samples
( RMH214 )
1.1 0.59 Standard
( RMH212 )
3.0 1.6 large surfaces
( RMH216 )
5.32 5.0 Measurementrange up to 1015Ω/sq
( RMH211 )
20mm Pin distance2mm Pinssmall & thin samples

Probe Checker

BezeichnungZubehör Nr.Spezifikationen & Anwendungen
UR-SS RMH328 Ring 500 MΩ
URS RMH327 Ring 500 MΩ
UR RMH326 Ring 500 MΩ
UR-100 RMH321 Ring 500 MΩ
UA RMH325 Serial 2-pin 500 MΩ

Probe Fixer for URS Probe (RMJ-360)

URSJG Messkopfhalter
URSJG Messkopfhalter

Because of its weight, the URSJG Probe Fixer reliably fixes and presses the URS measuring probe on the sample. The advantage is that the measuring head does not have to be held by hand during the measurement.

UFL Table (RMJ 354)

Insulating base for Hiresta and Loresta Series with 2 surfaces. (Metal surface / teflon coated surface)

UFL Table RMJ 354 – Metal Surface
UFL Table RMJ 354 – Teflon coated surface for very thin samples
UFL Table Dimensions