Leitfähigkeitsmessgerät Hiresta UX

Measurement Examples

Hier zeigen wir Ihnen eine Auswahl an durchgeführten Messproben mit unseren Leitfähigkeitsmessgeräten Hiresta-UX und Loresta-GX. Bei Interesse an einer Probenmessung ihres Materials, können Sie uns jederzeit gerne kontaktieren.  


Ringelektroden Messmethode

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2- and 4-Terminal Method

A normal multimeter, equipped with 2 terminals, is a cheap and simple instrument for measuring voltage, current and resistance. However, the conventional 2-terminal method is not suitable for material evaluation. …

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Conductivity (σ)

Conductivity (σ) is inversely related to volume resistivity. It is also called specific conductivity. The unit is S/cm. Conductivity σ [S/cm] =(1 / pv)

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Waht is Surface Resistivity (ps) ?

ρs is the resistance per unit surface of a sample and is also called sheet resistance. In order to distinguish this from resistance, it is written Ω/□ or Ω/sq.. Since …

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Resistivity Correction Factor (RCF)

The Resistivity Correction Factor (RCF) is changed with the sample shapes and sizes as well as measuring positions. In the 4-pin probe method, since the sample size or measuring position …

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What is Volume Resistivity ?

Volume Resistivity ( ρv ) expresses the resistance per unit volume of a sample and is also called specific resistance. It is the term mostly used for material classification (Ω∙cm). …

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What is resistivity

As science and technology advance, demand has increased for simple, quick and precise classification of material properties in diverse fields such as research and development, production engineering and quality control. …