Loresta AX mobiles Leitfähigkeitsmessgerät
Loresta AX Leitfähigkeitsmessgerät

The mobile hand-held measuring device Loresta AX is used for measuring conductors and semiconductors in the lower resistance range. Measuring range: 10-2 – 106 Ω.

It is suitable for simple process or quality control.

To determine the specific resistances, a fixed correction factor (RCF) is used. The fixed RCF allows a sufficiently accurate calculation for quality control.

The measuring device works according to the 4-point measuring method. The method is based on the four-wire method and was developed to eliminate the influence of contact resistance.

The Loresta series offers a choice of 4-pin probes for a variety of applications, such as very small samples or thin films. The measuring heads consist of four needle-like electrodes.

To simplify the measurement method and calculate the correction factors, all four electrodes are at an equidistant distance from each other. The electrodes are usually arranged collinearly, but other arrangements, such as the square, are permissible.

The two outer electrodes carry an impressed direct current. The two inner electrodes pick up the voltage on the surface of the sample. Thus, the electrical resistance can be determined.

Up to 1000 measurement results are automatically stored and can be transported via USB stick.


R&D, Production Engineering, Quality Control

Conductive materials:

  • Paint, paste
  • plastics, rubber
  • films, metallic thin films
  • fabric, fiber
  • ceramics
  • amorphous silicone
  • anti-static materials
  • EMI-shield materials
  • ITO glass
  • etc.


ProductLoresta-AX MCP-T370
Measuring method4-pin measuring method, constant current method
Measuring Range10-2 - 106
Power supplyAC 90-264V / 47-63Hz / Nickel-Hydrogen Battery
Data InterfaceUSB
Dimension85mm x 228mm x 65mm
Weight0,4 kg
Delivery ASP Probe RMH110

Measuring Range

Measuring Range [Ω]10 -210 -110 010 110 210 3 10 410 510 6
Measurement accuracy± 1.0% ± 20dgt.± 1.0% ± 5dgt.± 0.5% ± 5dgt.± 0.5% ± 3dgt.± 0.5% ± 3dgt.± 0.5% ± 3dgt.± 0.5% ± 3dgt.± 0.5% ± 3dgt.± 2.0% ± 5dgt.



ImageProbeApplicationInter-pin distancePin-head radiusSpring pressureProbe Checker
ASP Probe
standard probe5.0 mm 0.37 mm210 g/pin
ESP Probe
non-uniform samples5.0 mm Pin Ø2 mm240 g/pinRMH304
LSP Probe
soft surfaces5.0 mm Pin Ø2 mm130 g/pin RMH304
TFP Probe
thin films1.0 mm0.15 mm50 g/pin RMH312
QP2 Probe
small samples1.5 mm 0.26 mm70 g/pin
PSP Probe
small & thin samples1.5 mm 0.26 mm70 g/pinRMH311
BSP Probe
large samples2.2 mm0.37 mm 210 g/pin
NSCP Probe
hard surfaces
silicium wafer
1.0 mm0.04 mm250 g/pinRMH312