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Surface Technology 2018

Surface Technology 2018

Visit us at the Surface Technology 2018 in Stuttgart and discover the resistivity meters from Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech for a free trial. Our engineers are looking forward to your visit at our booth B53 in hall 1.

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2- and 4-Terminal Method

The multimeter, equipped with 2 terminals, is a cheap and simple instrument for measuring voltage, current and resistance. However, the conventional 2-terminal method is not suitable for material evaluation. The …

Conductivity (σ)

Conductivity (σ) is inversely related to volume resistivity. It is also called specific conductivity. The unit is S/cm. Conductivity σ [S/cm] =(1 / pv)

Waht is Surface Resistivity (ps) ?

ρs is the resistance per unit surface of a sample and is also called sheet resistance. In order to distinguish this from resistance, it is written Ω/□ or Ω/sq.. Since …